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We simplify the return process for more than 500 webshops. Don't take our word for it. Check out how flex we are with our customers' sweatless success stories

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5 sterren

“Considering we were switching from a competitor and some urgency was required I can't say anything other than that what was promised was delivered. Communication lines were short and everything was quickly set up to actually get started.”

Remco Nonnekes,

5 sterren

“We no longer get any return questions from our European customers. Literally, nothing at all. Thanks to Returnless we have managed to reduce the number of return questions to 0 within two weeks."

Stef Habraken,

5 sterren

“ We saw in our web KPIs that a cumbersome return process affects long-term customer loyalty. If you want to retain a customer for the long term, the entire customer journey must be in order, including your return process."

Jimmy Joosten,
Jumbo Sports

5 sterren

“We now have a better return experience for our customer. We now easily guide our customers to the returns portal, have oversight when someone returns something and a faster way to process it.

Kim Gropstra,


30% less returns & refunds.

Check out our success story with Malelions. A fast growing Dutch fashion brand for men and women.

Hear about their obstacles in terms of returns and how Returnless helped them succeed with a smooth and profitable return process.

Malelions is working with Returnless ever since May 2022. The success story is told by Jorden Jansen, B2B Manager at Malelions.


Process returns 44% faster. customer service receives questions about returns on a daily basis.

Previously they used offline forms and everything was done manually. Returnless helped automate and digitize the returns process.

Together with Returnless they managed to bring the processing of a return from 4.5 minutes to 2.5 minutes.

View our successful collaboration with

Flaneur Homme

“Thanks to Returnless, we managed to get the number of return questions to 0 within two weeks.”

The return process at Flaneur Homme was previously unclear. Visually it looked neat, but the entire process was especially unclear and complicated for the customers.

The return process is now fully automated. Customers can create a return label completely independently because they go through the steps smoothly.

Jumbo Sports

“The return process is part of the customer journey, it has to be good.”

All returns were previously processed individually and manually at Jumbo Sports. Returns therefore cost a lot of time and manpower.

The returns process is now smooth and automated with a pleasant customer portal for customer contacts if needed.


1% of the range accounts for 17% of the returns.

Thanks to Returnless, Travelbags was able to track down the items that caused the most returns. With this insight, Travelbags was able to reduce the return percentage of these 'problem items' by 42%.
They also managed to avoid unnecessary returns with 29%, thanks to the gate-keeper function.


“Make sure your return process is in order with so little friction. Aftercare is extremely important to keep customers loyal to your brand.”

Returnless helped Klium digitize their entire return process. Now they have a smooth return process for customer and employee alike!

Make your return process sweatless.