return software for e-fulfillment.

All-in-one Return Platform to manage the returns of all your customers, easily add new customers to Returnless and turn returns into revenue.

✅ Manage the returns of all your customers
✅ Easily add and remove new tenants
✅ Turn returns into a service that generates revenue

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returns driving you crazy?


The returns process is complicated for consumers and handling returns is inefficient

No earnings

You miss out on return volume margins as returns are shipped using someone else's contract


Responding to return related questions is time-consuming.

Unhappy customers

Online retailers face return challenges and turn to fulfillment partners for a solution

What if we told you, you could...

turn returns into revenue.

increase efficiency with access to all return info with one single scan.

Simply scan the return label to gain access to every return detail including return reasons, photo uploads and more. Making return handling much easier and faster. All returns can be reviewed and managed via the return panel.


push your shipping volume by adding returns - and get the best rates.

In Returnless you can add your carrier contracts with your own negotiated shipping rates. By adding returns you can increase your shipping volume which give you a better negotiating position with your carrier for lower rates.

save loads of time with auto-updated return statuses and customer notifications.

Let Returnless handle administrative tasks for you and process returns even faster. Create custom statuses that suit your processes and create notifications to keep you and your customers up to date.

provide the best service to your customers with a personalized return portal.

Exceed expectations by offering your customers a personalized return form that give consumers the best return experience, right out of the box. Simply add or adjust fields and questions that suit their needs.

  • We're delighted with our partnership with Returnless. Returnless really helps us optimise our returns process.
  • With Returnless our customers can easily create their own return portal, reducing customer service workload and giving us insight into our return flows, resulting simpler and more transparent process.
  • Since the introduction of Returnless time taken to record returns has reduced by 66% consistently!

get started for free.

Play around and test out all features for free. Or schedule a demo with one of our colleagues if you'd like more info first.

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