return rules.

Your return policy. But automated.

With return rules you automate your return policy by telling Returnless exactly what should happen with each type of return request. The result? All the right next steps are taken automatically and you're only left with edge cases that acquire your attention.


never again approve or reject returns manually.

Say goodbye to checking every single incoming return request. With return rules you can tell Returnless exactly what should happen with each type of return or request. Returnless makes sure the right next steps are taken to process the request smoothly.


setting up return rules is easy!

The set-up is easy, simply choose the conditions that apply in your return policy and decide what actions you want Returnless to take.

We understand that not every store has the same return policy, that's why we have a wide range of conditions and actions you can set. You'll always find a perfect match, no matter the complexity of your terms.

automatically block requests that don't meet your terms.

Sometimes a return requests does not meet your terms. For instance when the return period has expired. These requests happen, but you might not want to deal with these all the time. Returnless blocks these requests for you automatically. 


watch an explanation
of return rules here.

In 32% of all return requests no return shipment is needed - a terrific saving!
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