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finally, a way to gain control over returns.

All-in-one Return Platform to handle returns faster, lower costs and prevent future returns.

✅ Clear overview of what is returned, when and why
✅ Eliminate recurring tasks with automations
✅ Keep revenue by generating coupon codes


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still using printed return forms?

How's that working out for ya?

Are printed return forms or 'labels in the box' the best way to handle your returns? Let's be honest, not really. If your logistics struggles to catch up on processing returns, and your customer support is constantly answering return questions, then you should consider switching it up. Here's why:

❌  No idea what, when and why items are returned
❌  No overview for you or your customers
❌  No automation
❌  One big mess, basically...

Want to get serious about your return strategy? Let's talk.

how it works.

returns are registered digitally with the smart return form.

The smart return form is fully customizable enabling you to get all the information you need to process the return smoothly. Create your own designs that suit your branding, add custom questions, dynamic follow-ups, photo uploads and more.

return rules decide what should happen with each request.

With return rules you don't have to check each and every single one of your incoming return requests to decide what should happen. Whether that is to offer a paid or free return label, reject the request, update statusses, forward requests to customer service and much more.

Simply tell us in which scenario what needs to happen and Returnless will take the required steps for you from now on. Instantly decreasing your request handling time to near zero.

With over 50+ conditions to choose from you can create rules for every situation that your store might require.

generate coupon codes and retain the revenue of your returns.

By offering your customers multiple refund solutions for their return, such as a coupon code with store credit, you can end up saving revenue that would otherwise be lost. With Returnless you easily generate coupon codes with store credit and send them to your customers.


create instant refunds, status updates and more with automations!

Eliminate recurring tasks and let Returnless do the return handling for you. Automations trigger actions, such as create refund, generate coupon code, update status and more. You decide the scenarios and conditions that should trigger an action.

return analytics. 

With real-time insight into your return data, you have the tools to get started with reducing your returns. Dive deep into your returns and avoid returns even before you sell!

return portal.

All your returns in one clear overview. Create your own views and filters so every team has access to the information that they need. Handling returns has never been so smooth.

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"One week after go-live, our internal staff as well as our customers are really happy about the return portal."
Global Director Customer Service at Schoenberger
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