how returnless works.

Get control over your entire return process. From return request to return analytics. Whatever the challenge, with Returnless you manage a solid all-in-one return solution.

customers register returns with the digital return form.

Let your customers register their return digitally via the smart return form. The smart return form is fully customizable enabling you to get all the information you need to process the return smoothly. Create your own designs that suit your branding, add custom questions, dynamic follow-ups, photo uploads and more.


add countless of carriers & shipping methods.

Returnless offers the widest range of EU carriers and shipping methods. It's up to you which carriers and options you add in the smart return form, and whether you want to let your customers pay for their return or offer the return label for free. Whether you would like to use your own carrier rates or want to profit from our negotiated rates.

return rules trigger the right next steps for each request.

Most of your returns are often effectively processed in a few standard ways. However, you don’t want to check each and every single one of your returns to decide what should happen next. Using return rules, you can determine the appropriate action for specific scenarios, allowing you to handle the majority of returns effortlessly. Leaving you with only edge cases that really require your attention. Whether that is to offer a paid or free return label, reject the request, update statusses, forward requests to customer service and much more.


retain revenue by providing customers with coupon codes with store credit.

By offering your customers multiple refund solutions for their return, such as a coupon code with store credit, you can end up saving revenue that would otherwise be lost. With Returnless you easily generate coupon codes with store credit and send them to your customers.

all returns, from any source, are collected in the return panel.

The return panel is the one place where all returns are collected. Whether you work on customer service, e-commerce, finance or logistics in the return panel everyone has access to the right information with one single click or barcode scan. Providing you with a clear overview, insights and a way to manage, review and process your returns easily.

create instant refunds, status updates and more with automations!

Eliminate recurring tasks and let Returnless do the return handling for you. Automations trigger actions, such as create refunds, generate coupon codes, update statuses and more. With automations you can decide the scenarios and conditions that should trigger an action - Reducing your handling time per return significantly.

prevent returns before they happen with return analytics.

Return data contains valuable information for your webshop. It gives you direct insight into the products and customers that cause most returns. Additionally, you can examine the reasons behind these returns. Utilize these insights to prevent future returns and reduce your overall return percentage.


get started for free.

Play around and test out all features for free. Or schedule a demo with one of our colleagues if you'd like more info first.

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