return analytics.

Use analytics to optimize your assortment.

With Returnless you have real-time insight into your return data. This gives you the tools to get started with optimizing the performance of your product range. Dive deep into your returns and avoid returns even before you sell.


real-time insight into your return data.

Which products cause the most returns?

Return data contains valuable information for your webshop, it gives you direct insight into the products that cause problems within the product range.

View return data at SKU level, per customer or per period.

This way you can focus on optimizing your assortment and ultimately reducing your return percentage.

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"By analyzing our return data we are able to prevent returns in the future"
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lower your return rate.

Avoid returns even before you sell.

Insight into your return data gives you tools to get started with optimizing your assortment.

1% of the range accounts for 20% of your returns. It was reality for Travelbags. With this insight they could easily and specifically get started with the 'problem products' within the range. With this insight Travelbags managed to reduce the return percentage by 14% with small tweaks!



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