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Whether you process 5 returns per month, or per minute; our customers range from small online stores to international industry leaders. Rates are based on your monthly return volume and via annual billing. Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

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Integrations 1 integration Unlimited Unlimited
Open API
Headless returns
Return Forms 1 form Unlimited Unlimited
Return Questions 5 questions Unlimited Unlimited
Return Requests
Return Panel
Return Rules 1 return rule Unlimited Unlimited
Paid Returns
Return Addresses 1 return address Unlimited Unlimited
Realtime Notifications
Shipping Instructions
European Shipping Methods
Paperless Returns
Add your own carrier contracts
Return Analytics Basic Basic Advanced (Coming soon)
Return announcements Semi-automatic Automatic
Refunds Semi-automatic Automatic
Coupons Semi-automatic Automatic
Support Email & chat Email, chat & dedicated CSM
Automations 1 automation
Store locations
Payment requests
Remove branding
Onboarding Specialist

operate features.


Smart return form in your branding

The smart return form is fully customizable. Upload your logo and add a banner that reflects the style of your brand or web store. Even add or customize fields so you receive all information you need. Prefer using your own form and/or communication? Check out headless returns.


Return data in your return panel

The return portal collects and structures all return data from any source. Giving you insight into all details per return. You can even export your data and check KPIs or other metrics.


All European shipping options

With our carriers, your customers can return parcels throughout Europe. Create an account to review our flat rates. Please note that flat rates are excluding additional charges.


Integration with webshop or CMS

Easily connect your CMS or e-commerce platform. This way Returnless automatically loads all order data into the form.


Paid returns

Via Returnless you can easily & safely charge your customers for a return label. Review all supported payment methods and administration fees here.


Real-time notifications

We keep your customers informed of the return status via notifications. Besides that, they have access to a live status page with all return information at hand.


Return requests

With return requests you are able to review the requests manually and decide next steps. E.g. damaged goods you want to check with a photo upload first, before approving or rejecting the requests.


Free returns or split costs

Free returns might not fit within your business model. Decide the return rates yourself so that your customers can pay via one of our payment methods.


Paperless returns

Via PostNL, Homerr and DHL we can generate digital return labels. Your customer will receive a digital barcode, which will be scanned at a parcel point. The parcel point then prints the shipping label.

integrate features.

Return Rules

Your return policy decides what should happen with a return. With Return Rules you can easily automate this policy. It automatically approves, rejects, refund, replaces etc.


Custom return questions

Our return form consists of modular blocks. Checkboxes, open fields, drop down lists, return reasons, upload images, pre-check and more. With return questions you can set up your ideal return process with custom fields.


Open API

Is your webshop custom build? Or are you not operating from a standard CMS or e-commerce platform? No worries. With our Open API you can connect any type of webshop to Returnless.


Multiple return addresses

Multiple offices or warehouses? Then your returns might have to be delivered on different addresses. With return rules you can let your returns deliver to multiple addresses based on specific rules & conditions.


Add your own carrier rates

We can link your shipping rates via PostNL, DHL, DPD, UPS, bPost or other carriers to your return process. This way we create your return labels based on your own shipping rates.

Sendcloud icon

Connect your Sendcloud account

Via our Sendcloud integration we link your account to our returns platform. All returns with associated rates are created within your own Sendcloud account.


Return announcements

If you work with a WMS you can easily pre-announce returns manually with Returnless. Or you can trigger announcements automatically with automations in our automate plan.



Help your customers even faster by manually refunding right from the Returnless platform. Or you can trigger instant refunds with automations in our automate plan.


Offer exchanges with coupons

Let your customers choose to exchange an item via a coupon code with store credit. You can generate coupon codes manually within the Returnless platform. Or you can trigger coupons automatically in our automate plan.

automate features.


Return analytics

Return analytics give you real-time insight into your return data. By analyzing your return data you'll quickly find out which products cause the most returns and why. Use these insights to help you optimize accordingly.
Coming soon! 🚧



Increase your efficiency and let Returnless do all the work for you. With automations you can trigger actions based on custom rules & conditions. Such as automatically announce returns, create instant refunds, coupons and more!


Payment requests

You can make a request for payments for your customers during the processing of their return. Payment requests are often utilised for the reparation of products, in which case you might need to sent your customers a payment link.


Remove branding

In our automate plan you have the option to remove the Returnless logo from all return forms. Particularly handy if you prefer to remove any unnecessary distractions.


Store locations

Offer your customers the convenience of in-store returns. With Returnless you can effortlessly add store locations and set them as available return options for your customers. Do you have multiple stores? You can set a kilometer radius to make the nearest store available in your customers' area.



With grading you can apply a depreciation to the value of a returned item. This is especially useful for second chance products. Second chance products are returned products that you still want to sell but require a lower pricing due to damage or decay.


Onboarding specialist

Setting up your Returnless account is easy. However if your return policy contains a certain amount of complexity we can image you could use some advice. Our onboarding specialist will help you set-up your account and decide which rules, conditions and automations are best for you.

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