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Tips for online stores

returns are the best product feedback you can get from your customers.



Written by Maxine

19 October 2020

Tips for online stores

returns are the best feedback you can get.

You can get a lot of valuable data from a return shipment. With these learnings you can prevent them in the future.

Take advantage of those pesky returns. As a webshop, you naturally do not like to see any package returned. After all, you want your customer to enjoy the delivered products in complete satisfaction, and not to use an expensive return process. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and (part of) the order is sometimes returned. But: every disadvantage has its advantage. You can get a lot of valuable data from a return shipment. Because why does the customer return the package?

Rather prevent and cure.

Identifying the return reason not only helps you solve that specific customer's problem, but also improves the whole process and prevents potential returns in the future. Cure and prevent. Which webshop doesn't want that? Get a grip on those annoying returns and create a return process according to your rules. In other words: the right return reasons can be very valuable.


Return reason: The product or part of the product is broken or damaged

Of course, you can do very little with this information alone. Find out more by contacting the customer or by asking further questions via the return form. For example, is the product no longer usable due to the damage, or can a part be replaced? Perhaps the customer will accept a discount on the product already received. By sending the part to be replaced or offering a discount, the costs are considerably less than by having the entire product returned.


Return reason: The product has the wrong size or dimension

Naturally, your customer has little use for a product that does not fit. In this case, returning the product is therefore difficult to prevent. But perhaps the customer wants to receive a different size or size, so that the purchase amount does not have to be refunded. Moreover, the information about this specific product is very valuable. Who knows, the measurements in the webshop are not correct or certain items of clothing are just a bit tighter than expected. By adjusting this in the webshop, many returns can be prevented in the future.


Return reason: The product is incomplete

Similar to when part of the product is damaged, the missing part can also be sent to the customer. This saves you a lot of costs. After all, you only have to pay for the replacement part and do not have to pay for the costs of the order and the return shipment.


Return reason: The product is cheaper elsewhere

As a webshop you know that the competition is fierce. Partly due to a good relationship between price and quality, you acquire and retain valuable customers. When a customer indicates that they want to return a product because the order via a competitor is cheaper, this is the perfect opportunity to retain a customer. Save costs by offering that customer a discount, but at the same time take the chance to also look at your own process. By adjusting your prices, returns like this can be prevented in the future.


Return reason: The customer received the wrong product

Obviously something is wrong here! But where? By discovering this, you make the entire process – from ordering and shipping to delivery – even better.


Better your return process?
Use a
 smart return form. 

Now that you know that the correct return reasons can be very valuable, you may be wondering how to get this information. This is done in no time with our smart return form! The form is completely customizable to your needs, including return reasons, languages, photo uploads, branding and much more. Within a few minutes you place the return form on your own website, after which all return information enters your own return portal. Create your own smart return form now here.



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