returns for webshops in accessories & jewelry.

Do you manage an accessory or jewelry webstore? And are returns a pain? We're here for you. With Returnless you easily manage returns and process them faster. With our return management software you'll get real-time insights into your return data. Giving you the tools to optimize the performance of your catalog. 

recurring challenges.

  • Hygiene products

  • Mailbox parcels

  • Warranties

  • Theft

  • Personalized products


Pre-approve or block unsealed items or hygiene products.

Do you sell piercings or earrings? Often these are the products that you probably cannot sell anymore once they have been returned unsealed. Dodge unnecessary costs and make sure you prevent these kinds of returns in advance. 

With Returnless you are able to either block or pre-approve hygiene and unsealed products automatically. Want to know how that would work for your store? Click the button below. 


Favorable return rates for every type of parcel.

A recurring challenge we observe within jewelry and accessoires webshops, is that they often process small packages, such as mailbox parcels. 

With Returnless your customers are able to independently generate labels for either regular or mailbox parcels

With Returnless you instantly have access to all carriers within Europe, as a results of which we can offer you favorable return rates for every type of parcel. Prefer to use your own carrier contracts? That's possible too, it's up to you!


Processing warranties manually? Don't! Add it to your return flow.

As a webshop in accessoires & jewelry you might offer you customer a warranty policy as an additional service.

Avoid processing your warranty requests manually via a separate form, or worse, via email. Instead, include it in your return flow. 

With Returnless you have the possibility to include a warranty flow in your return process. This way you manage one overarching process and you make sure you will receive all information needed to handle the warranty smoothly. You can add custom questions based on your specific needs, such as photo uploads, checkboxes, open fields etc.


Prevent theft.
Anonymize your shipping address.

Do you sell jewelry or accessoires of high value? And are you often dealing with packages that get lost or are stolen? 

Theft occurs more often than you think, especially in jewelry and accessoires webshops. Minimize your risk as much as possible by anonymizing your shipping address. Making it invisible what the parcel might contain and less attractive for criminals to steal the parcel


A custom process for custom products.

What we often see in jewelry is the usage of personalization of products, such as engravings. 

These custom products might be a risk in your return policy, because once returned the product often cannot be sold again. 

With Returnless you can rule out these kinds of custom products in the return process up front. Giving you control over what is allowed to be returned and what is not. 

our key features.

These are our most popular features from our
customers in jewelry, bags and accessoires industry.

smart return form.

100% customizable & on-brand.

Customer friendly experience. With the smart return form, customers can independently create a return label and choose their favorite return method from your own selection. The process is very easy to follow, making up for fewer customer service questions.

Custom branding. The return form is set-up in your webshops branding, including your logo and a custom header image.

Custom fields. To ensure that you receive all the correct return information you need to process returns smoothly, you are free to edit form fields entirely including making custom fields, drop-downs, checkboxes & photo uploads.

Accessories shop
"Consolidate all types of returns into one single process for a smooth & easy to follow experience."

One single overarching process for all types of returns.

Dynamic follow-up questions. We can imagine your follow-up questions will differ per product type. With the smart return form you have the possibility to ask different follow-up questions on a specific SKU-level. Giving you more insight into the core reasons for your returns per product type. But also allows you to add return instructions for specific products, such as return the product in it's original packaging, for example.

Offer trades with store credit. In our return form you can offer your customer store credit via an automated coupon code instead of a refund, making it more likely for your customer to return to your store and make a new purchase.

automation via return rules.

Automate your return policy and avoid returns of hygiene, unsealed and custom products.

With our Return Rules you can easily set-up your own automation flows. Allowing you to process returns faster and decide next steps automatically. Return Rules can lead to the following outcomes:

  • Approve return
  • Approve without shipment
  • Free return
  • Reject return

Curious to see which Return Rules might apply to your shop? Review the below!

"You can save a lot of time by automating your return process. All you need is the right rules & conditions."

Our most popular Return Rules for accessoires & jewelry webshops.

We can imagine you do not have any idea how to get started with automating your returns but don't worry, we got you!

Do any of the conditions below apply to you?

  • Your catalog contains hygiene products
  • Your return period can expire
  • You sell custom or personalized products
  • You'll provide your customers with a warranty service

Than we might be able to save you lots of time with our Return Rules. Look right to see examples of our most popular Return Rules for webshops in accessoires & jewelry.


In your return policy you operate a 30 day return period. Once the 30 day deadline has passed, returns need to be rejected.


  • Selected condition: 'Order age is greater than 30 days'.
  • Selected action: 'Reject'

All returns outside of the 30 day return period are rejected automatically.


Your customer would like to return earrings, but the seal of the earrings have been removed.


  • Selected conditions 'Product name is any of earring' and 'Seal removed is yes'
  • Optional: Add a file-upload field to check the seal manually to be super secure.
  • Selected action: 'Reject'

The return will be rejected due to the removal of the seal. 


Your webshop offers customers custom items, such as personalized texts via engravings, printing and such. As these items are custom, you are unable to resell them. Therefore you want to reject return requests for these items up front.


  • Selected condition 'Product name is any of custom'
  • Selected action: 'Reject'

The return will be rejected due to the item being flagged as custom or personalized.


easy shipping.

Easy & affordable shipping options for every type of parcel.

Whether you are sending small mailbox parcels or large parcels. We have a suitable shipping method for every type of return. 

Customers receive status updates automatically and can easily track & trace their return anytime in our portal. Giving them realtime insights into the whereabouts about their return parcel, giving your customer service department a break with less inquiries about returns.

customer stories. 

Check out what our customers in similar industries say:

5 sterren

“By analyzing our return data we we're able to prevent returns in the future.”

Jeroen van den Hudding,

5 sterren

In 32% of all return requests no return shipment is needed. A terrific saving!"

Koen Kaman,

5 sterren

“With our return portal we have a better overview which makes handling returns easier.”

Kim Gropstra,

5 sterren

“Since we are using Returnless we process returns twice as fast as before."

Carolien Kok,



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