returns with returnless.

Your return process unclear? Not anymore with Returnless. We give you and your customers insight into the entire return process. 

1. Smart return form

Customer places their return request via our smart return form.

Refer customers to your own smart return form (via link or QR). The form is custom made, in your own branding and linked to your webshop.

The customer indicates which items must be returned and what the reason for return is. This data can later used as an analysis for the webshop.


2. Return Rules 

The Gate-Keeper checks whether the return can be prevented.

Based on your own conditions, the return is analyzed in real-time. Our Gate-Keeper checks which action needs to follow:

  • Create a paid shipping label
  • Create a free shipping label
  • Return must first be approved by the webshop
  • Return is automatically approved without return

3. Shipping methods

Customer creates a shipment with one of your preferred carriers.

Your customer chooses his favorite carrier and creates a shipping label to return the order.

Use our European return rates or link your own carrier contract to use your own shipping rates. You determine the price for the consumer yourself. 


4. Return portal 

Process returns faster via our return portal.

Finally insight into all your returns. Which orders are returned, why, and what is the shipping status. The returns portal is the place where all employees can approve and process returns at the touch of a button.

Not in the mood for an extra system? Then link your existing CMS or WMS.

5. Return analytics 

Dive deep into your returns with Deep Insights.

"Better safe than sorry." We totally agree. With the Deep Insights module you can view pain point in your catalog at SKU level.

Try to find those 20% of products that account for 80% of the return costs, and adjust the product description or your assortment accordingly.


One tool for all your returns.