smart return form.

Easily place our smart form on your website.
Let customers register returns themselves.
All return data is collected in your own return portal.

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tailored to your return process.

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Determine the questions yourself, such as return reasons and trigger follow-up questions with specific answers.

Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Choose from photo uploads, dropdowns, checkboxes and text fields so you collect the return info you need.
Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Our mobile-first design can be adapted to your own branding, including logo and cover background.
Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Prevent unnecessary returns. Set triggers to activate the Gate-Keeper functionality.
Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Available in multiple languages. Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Swedish and Finnish.

our (physical) return form.

Your return process must be digitized so you can access and analyse all data online.
But for those who are not yet convinced of 'all things digital', we also have a physical return form.

super fast warehouse handling!

Your warehouse scans the barcode and immediately receives the order number, return reference or tracking number.
All scanned information will go directly to your Returnless return portal.


Curious to see what our smart return form looks like in your branding?