All returns from every carrier in one overview.

With Returnless you can easily connect your Bpost B2B account to Returnless. We provide you with a smart return form in your branding, and instead of generating labels via Bpost, your customers will submit a return request independently. All return requests, from every carrier you choose, are gathered in your own custom return portal. 


Bpost returns.

Returnless combined with Bpost for a smooth return process.

With a return process via Bpost you will benefit from:

  • Delivery time for return shipments in Belgium is is less then two working days.
  • Always a Bpost drop-off locations with flexible opening hours in the area.
  • Real-time track and trace for optimal customer expirience.

proactive realtime status updates.

More insight, for you and your customers.

Wether your customer chooses Bpost or any other carrier, with Returnless you can see all the shipping details and tracking. 

In the returns portal, you and your colleagues can see the exact status of each return. Automatic real-time shipping status notifications keep your customers informed and avoid customer questions. This way, your customer satisfaction will be higher and you will have fewer phone calls.

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always on the move.

bpost creates challenging projects, realizes inspiring collaborations and offers the latest technologies for their partners . With a dedicated team of professionals who work hard Bpost makes sure the parcels are back in time for delivery



Want to see Returnless in action? We love to give you a tour through our platform. Plan a 15-min demo with one of our colleagues and we will show you all in's & out's.

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Experience our platform yourself by creating a free account. You can set-up and test out a return form in your branding, and check out all our features first hand.