return portal.

All your returns in one overview.
What will be returned, when and why?


Processing returns is  44% faster with Returnless

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all your return data in one dashboard.

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Finally. One simple overview of all your returns.

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Multiple shops? Returnless is multistore so you can add all your shops under one account.

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No more surprises. You know exactly how many returns are coming in and how many returns are on the way. That way you can focus on something else.

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  Check at order level which products are returned and why? Use your return analytics to improve your product descriptions.


let our tool work for you.

Our returns portal is a lifesaver for customer service, logistics and e-commerce employees. Let our tool work for you.

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Ability to pre-approve returns up-front.
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Find out where return shipments are in real-time.

Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Set-up return rates per carrier
Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Scan return labels in your warehouse and immediately see all return data.
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Also a tool that works returns in one overview?