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Tips for online stores

no ostrich politics, but tackle that return process.



Written by Maxine

19 October 2020

Tips for online stores

prevent ostrichism and tackle your return process.

A smooth returns process improves your webshop's customer experience. What are the problems you can encounter and how can they be prevented?

Receiving returns is not pleasant as a webshop owner. Let's put that first. So why spend a lot of time on this? Isn't it much better to put energy, manpower and money into improving sales and marketing? Well, no. By creating a clear and customer-friendly return process, the customer experience of your online store becomes a lot more positive. This in turn leads to lasting customers and increased sales.

Who knows, maybe you already knew that there is a lot to be gained by improving your return process, or you suddenly saw the light because of the previous paragraph. Now it's time to take a critical look at your current process. What are the problems you are currently running into and how can they be avoided?


Problem: Time, time and more time

As an entrepreneur, you know: time equals money. So why spend so much time processing returns? The time you now spend handling a manual process, contacting customers and approving returns could be much better used for other tasks.


Solution: A smart and automatic process

Our smart return method ensures a return process that requires little time for merchants themselves. Your customer gets to work by filling in a clear and extensive return form, after which a label is created and the package is sent.


❌ Problem: Where did the package go?

When you let customers decide for themselves how they return their package, you have no control over the process or tracking data of the shipment. As a result, you do not know where the package is located, how many returns there are exactly and when the package will be delivered. You have no control over your own return process and cannot respond to this at the time itself - but also in the future.


Solution: Integrate tracking

When a customer creates a return label via Returnless, we collect all tracking data. Once the package has been shipped, the customer will receive status updates of the shipped package. The barcode on the package makes it clear to both the webshop and the customer where the package is at all times.


Problem: No control over your process

You do not know when a return shipment will be created and sent, you have no insight into the number of returns and you do not know which products are being returned and why. Perhaps you have an unclear overview in Excel that is not kept up to date. Does this sound familiar? Then it's time to be smarter about this.


Solution: Use your data - this isn't the last time we'll say this

Three words: data, data, data. You want to save everything and be able to analyze it at a later time. Without spending a lot of time on it, of course. Otherwise we go back to the first problem. By using our return portal in which all data is stored, you will never miss a thing. The data can be exported, so you always have handy overviews at your disposal.





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