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what you need to know about the return policy.



Written by Maxine Alders

31 January 2023

How to

Return policy, return rules & conditions

what you need to know about the return policy.

A return policy is a policy that governs how consumers can return products if they are not satisfied.

What is a return policy?

A return policy is a policy that governs how consumers can return or exchange products if they are not satisfied. It includes the terms, time frame and steps required to return the product and get a refund or replacement. 


Why do you need a return policy?

A return policy is important for online stores for several reasons:

  • Customer satisfaction: It gives customers the assurance that they can return the product if it does not meet their expectations and this increases customer satisfaction.
  • Trust: A clear return policy gives customers confidence in the shop and increases the likelihood that they will buy products.
    Regulation: Many countries have legal requirements for return policies for online sales.
  • Handling: The return policy makes handling returns more efficient and ensures that both parties know what is expected.
  • Reputation: A good return policy can contribute to a positive reputation and brand image of the online store.

Tips for a strong return policy

  • Make it clear: Make sure the return policy is easy to find and written in understandable language. 69% of consumers check the return policy before a purchase, so make sure it is easy to find on the website.

  • Offer a reasonable time frame: Give customers enough time to inspect and return the product. A return period that is too short can get you into unpleasant situations. The mandatory minimum return period is 14 days, but most online stores offer a 30-day return period.

  • Make it simple: Make the steps to return a product simple and quick, this increases customer satisfaction. Tip! With a digital return process you have the opportunity to offer a personalized and simple return process to your customers, this also directly increases customer experience.

  • Give choice: Offer customers a choice between refund, replacement. In addition, you can also offer multiple shipping methods. E.g. by offering different carriers, but also by offering multiple return options such as printerless returns.

  • Be clear about responsibility: Make it clear who is responsible for shipping and any other costs.

  • Make expectations clear: Specifically state under what circumstances a product cannot be returned.

  • Ensure prompt handling: Ensure returns are handled quickly and efficiently and customers are kept informed.

  • Implement policy consistently: Ensure that the return policy is always implemented consistently for all customers. 

Return policy example

Looking for a sample return policy? Then check out our return policy template here.



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