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How to!

create a return form for your online shop.



Written by Maxine Alders

3 February 2023

How to

Return form, create a perfect return form

create a return form for your online store.

Process returns quickly and accurately by setting up a smooth return form.

Why do you need a return form?

A return form is necessary for a webshop because it makes the return procedure more efficient. The return form provides the webshop with the necessary information about the customer and the product to process a return quickly and accurately. This allows the webshop to respond better to returns and improve the return process.

In addition, a return form makes it easier for customers to request a return. They only need to fill in the required information and submit the form, instead of having to search for a phone number or e-mail address. This promotes customer satisfaction and improves their overall experience with the online store.

Sample return form
Wondering what a digital return form could look like for your webshop? Or are you looking for a template return form? Request a customized return form here.

How to create a return form?

To create a return form for your webshop, you can follow these steps:

1. Choose a tool

Choose a tool for creating a return form. Paper return forms A return form anno nowadays is digital. A digital return form offers the opportunity to extract more valuable information and store answers for further analysis.

2. Make a list of fields

Make a list with all the information you need on the form, such as name, address, email address, reason for return, etc.

3. Gather information

Gather information from your customer to process a return, such as customer number, order number and product name.

4. Design the form

Design the form with your branding, such as a logo and header, and add the fields you have set up. Keep the form simple and easy to understand.

5. Integrate the form

Integrate the form on your online store and make sure it is easy for customers to find.

6. Test the form

Test to make sure everything works and data is collected correctly.

7. Update the return form regularly

To make sure it stays up-to-date and fits with any changes in your return policy.

8. Send status updates

Send status updates and send confirmations to customers when they request a return through the form, and keep them updated on the status of their return in between returns.

Create your own return form here.

Wondering what a digital return form could look like for your webshop? Or are you looking for a template return form? You can set-up a return form yourself by creating a free account here.



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