Manage and handle Shopify returns in one overview.

Connect your Shopify webshop to Returnless and easily manage returns and refunds. With the Shopify RMA app you have real-time insights into your return data. This way you have the tools at hand to optimize your performance.

Shopify returns.

Fix your returns with our Shopify RMA app!

With the Returnless returns platform you easily implement a return process to your Shopify CMS. Customers enter an order number and email address so that the order can be loaded in real-time from Shopify.

By clever use of Return Rules we can stop and prevent unnecessary returns. For example returns outside the return period of 14 days, or damaged products. With Return Rules you have the ability to pre-approve returns.


keep your revenue, offer store credit.

Automatically generate store credit codes for Shopify.

Offer store credit directly in your Shopify return form. Instead of a refund or exchange, a customer receives a discount code that they can spend again in your webshop. This way you have a higher chance that your customer will return to your webstore. How you use store credit is up to you:

  • In addition to a refund, give store credit as an additional option
  • Use store credit during certain periods, such as peak periods to stimulate revenue retention
Our data shows 30% of consumers choose store credit instead of a refund.

create credit memos in Shopify.

Easily create credit memos and refund directly from the Returnless portal!

Within Returnless you handle, credit and manage returns way faster.

Create Credit Memos directly from the Returnless returns portal! If your Payment Provider has a refund option in the Shopify extension, it is also possible to directly refund the consumer.

Credit memo-01

Shopify return analytics.

Track performance of your Shopify webshop with return analytics!

In our return form, the customer can specify a return reason for each product. We use this to collect valuable data at SKU level.

Create reports by comparing sales data from Shopify with the return data of Returnless. What is the return percentage, which products are returned the most, and why? With these insights you can optimize accordingly.

the ultimate return solution
for Shopify.

From our experience in e-commerce we learned that the basic RMA app from Shopify wasn't ticking the boxes for many Shopify webshops. Together with our customers we decided to build a custom Shopify returns module, tailered to the needs of our Shopify customers. A few year later Returnless helps over 400+ webshops manage and handle returns faster and more efficient with a smooth return process. Don't believe us?

Check out what our users say:

5 sterren

“Since we switched from a competitor and some haste was required, I can only say that what was promised has been fulfilled. Communication lines were short and everything was quickly set up to actually get started.”

Remco Nonnekes,

5 sterren

“We no longer receive any return related questions from our European customers. Literally, nothing at all. Thanks to Returnless, we managed to get the number of return questions to 0 within two weeks."

Stef Habraken,

5 sterren

“Our KPIs pointed out that a difficult returns process had an effect on the long-term loyalty of our customers. To gain loyal customers for the long term, the entire customer journey must be in order, including your returns process."

Jimmy Joosten,
Jumbo Sports

5 sterren

We now have a better return experience for our customers. With Returnless we can easily guide our customers to the returns portal, and have an overview of all returns and a faster way to process these.”

Kim Gropstra,

product guide.

Looking for more information? Check out our product guide with detailed information, instructions and how to's that you might find helpful when integrating your webshop to Returnless.



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