Process returns quickly and easily with our GoedGepickt integration

Customers can register returns independently via our GoedGepickt integration. Returnless retrieves the order information in real-time from GoedGepickt. Customers can easily check which products are being returned and why, and with which carrier they want to ship. With one scan you have all this information at hand in your own return portal and in GoedGepickt.


GoedGepickt returns.

A smooth return process with our GoedGepickt RMA integration.

Customers enter an order number and e-mail address into the smart return form of Returnless. The order is loaded in real-time with all product information (incl. photos) from GoedGepickt. 

By using the Gate-Keeper we enable you to prevent unnecessary returns. Think of returns outside the return period of 14 days, or damaged products. These can first be approved by the webshop. 

all return information
at hand.

Return received. Update stock. Ready for next sale.

Return packages arriving at the warehouse can be scanned using the barcode on the shipping label. The return information immediately appears in GoedGepickt. In addition, customers automatically receive a notification that the return package has arrived.

After checking the items, the stock is automatically updated for items that can still be sold.

29% of our returns where often unnecessary. With Returnless we managed to avoid these, thanks to the gate-keeper feature!
E-commerce Manager at Travelbags

everything in sync.

Faster return handling with GoedGepickt.

GoedGepickt and Returnless feed each other with information. For example, if you change a return status in Picqer, this will also change in Returnless. Useful! Especially when a package has been received by the warehouse and is approved for refund within the Returnless account.

When one item consists of several parts and is located at different pick locations, you can choose to show it as one bundled product or choose to display it as separate products in the return form.

insight in your return data.

More return analytics. Less sweat.

By combining the physical return process from GoedGepickt and the digital process through Returnless, you have a perfect combo!

With Returnless returns are pre-notified. This gives you more control by deciding what can and cannot be returned. Providing you with the opportunity to prevent unnecessary returns. In addition, you immediately collect all the return data you need to prevent returns in the future. You can easily analyze all return data via return analytics.


integration instructions.

Need help? We offer free technical support and help you with implementation. Mail to developer@returnless.com

The steps below explain how you can link Returnless to GoedGepickt. 
Step 1: Log in

Log in to your return environment at Returnless and click on the hamburger icon at the top right. Now click on API Keys.

Step 2: Create API Key

Right click on Create API Key (green button) and enter in the popup as label "GoedGepickt"  & click on Create API Key. You will now see the API data in your screen. Save the API User & API Password to enter in GoedGepickt. You will need these in the following steps.

Step 3: Add app in GoedGepickt

Open GoedGepickt and navigate to Settings -> Third Party Apps -> Click on Add. Click here on the logo of Returnless and click on Next. Here we enter the API User and API Password from Returnless, which we retrieved in step 2. Then click Next.

Check whether the data is correct. Now click the Finish Link button to complete the integration. On this page you see URLs on the right that you need in Returnless.


Step 4: Add Integration in Returnless

Go back to Returnless and click again on the hamburger icon at the top right. Now choose Integrations. On this page choose 'Add new integration'. Enter the following values ​​in the pop-up:

Platform: Custom API
Is active: Yes
Integration title: Good Picked
Type: Webshop
Order info URL: Enter the URL here, as you can find in step 7 above. incl. https + slash at the end.
Webhook URL: Enter the URL here, as you can find in step 7 above. incl. https + slash at the end.
API User: Enter the API User here, as in step 3

Now click on Save. Your integration has been completed.

The moment the order number + additional information are entered on your return form in Returnless, the order details are automatically brought up.

Good to know.

Some points that may be useful to know:

  • Only returns accepted in Returnless are imported into GoedGepickt;
  • Returns from Returnless are automatically imported once every 2 hours;
  • GoedGepickt also provides the product tags per order item / product so that you can use these in the Return Rules of Returnless;
  • The moment you do not accept 1 of the products as a return, your entire return will be marked as containing in Returnless;
  • If the return is marked as completed, while not all products have been marked as completed.. the return is marked as checked.
  • If all products are marked as completed, the return will be marked as completed in Returnless.


Want to see Returnless in action? We love to give you a tour through our platform. Plan a 15-min demo with one of our colleagues and we will show you all in's & out's.

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See for yourself? Sure! You can experience the return process first hand from a consumers point of view. You can request a custom return form in your branding below.