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Bol returns

By integrating Returnless with bol, you can offer your customers a seamless returns process via Bol and import your valuable return data into Returnless. This integration offers the following features, which you can read more about below

✅ Import return data from Bol
✅ Retrieve order data from Bol
✅ We'll mark returns as received in Bol
✅ Refund your customers directly from the Returnless return panel via Finalize return

how does the integration work?

allow consumers to return via Bol, but import return into Returnless.

With this feature Returnless can import returns that have been created in Bol and use this data to create a return in Returnless. This way, you can benefit from low return label costs from Bol and say goodbye to storing data in multiple places. 

Bol return importer
Bol returns

create returns for your Bol orders via our return form.

Allow consumers to create returns for your ChannelEngine orders via our return form. Returnless will look up the ChannelEngine order so that the consumer can easily select which items need to be returned.

Finalize returns fast and easy.

Finalize returns fast and easy by simply press the button "finalize return" and Returnless will mark the return as received in Bol. Enabling Bol to automatically issue a refund to the customer.


installation & support.

Connecting Returnless to your store only takes 5 minutes. Review our installation guide for more information about integrating Bol with Returnless. Need help? You have access to support right from within the Returnless platform.

Integration support