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Do you often speak with e-commerce parties who are experiencing return challenges? With Returnless, you offer webshops a smooth return process. Sign up for the Returnless Agency program and take advantage of the benefits!

The benefits:

Iconografie | Check-groenblauw Give a 10% discount on the first year contract of your customer

Iconografie | Check-groenblauw €50,- incentive per referred customer

Iconografie | Check-groenblauw Unique service for your e-commerce customers

what's in it for you?


10% discount on first year contract of your customer.

Give your customer a 10% discount on the first annual contract with Returnless if you use the Agency program.


Personal rewards (gift voucher worth €50,-)

Do you provide us with new customers? Then you will receive a €50,- gift voucher per new customer!


Unique return service for your customers.

With our returns solution you offer your e-commerce customers a unique service and help them to grow.


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How does the Returnless Agency Program work?

The goal of the Returnless Agency program is to make it easy for agencies to help their clients automate and improve the returns process. By signing up, our partners get access to the right content to share with its customers, stay up to date with the latest features in the newsletter and have direct contact with their partner manager to answer questions. In addition, an e-commerce customer referred by a partner receive a 10% discount on the first year contract.

To thank partners for the effort taken, they receive a gift voucher of €50 for every new customer.

Who is this program for?

The Returnless Agency program is intended for agencies that support e-commerce companies. E-commerce agencies are generally, but not exclusively, involved in services in marketing, design, development and sales.

How does registration work?

To participate in the program, you must first complete the application form on this page for approval. After approval you will receive an email containing a one-pager with an explanation of Returnless to share with your customers. After set-up you will receive a personal invite link with which your customers can sign up for a demo.

My customer signs up for a demo, what does the follow-up look like?

We make sure that your customer is happy with your referral to Returnless. Our return specialists will support your customer at every step of the process.

Broadly speaking, the process looks like this:

  1. Returnless demo & advice in the customer's house style
  2. Suitable offer with a 10% partner discount on the first year
  3. Customer specific onboarding process
  4. Long-term customer success

What are the conditions for participation?

1. Your company or the company you work for is involved in supporting e-commerce customers with, for example, development, marketing and sales.

2. You are or have permission from your manager and/or employer to participate in the program.

I have another question, who can help me?

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