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Tips for online stores

the benefits of a WMS for return handling.



Written by Maxine

23 September 2022

Tips for online stores

the benefits of a WMS for return handling.

Better overview in your warehouse and returns handling process? The benefits of a WMS at a glance.

When you run a webshop and have a warehouse with inventory, it is important to have an overview and insight into your inventory. Especially when you sell through multiple sales platforms. No more Excel overviews and manual stock adjustments, but automation through the use of a Warehouse Management System. 

What is a WMS?

A Warehouse Management System is a software system that processes all the different information needed in a warehouse. To get started with this, it is necessary to set up and link the various data properly once. Much of this data can be retrieved automatically. By using warehouse software, you know exactly where which product is located and how many orders still need to be processed. This allows everyone to work in the warehouse with more peace of mind and a better overview of their stock. 

Provide overview

Do you know exactly where your stock is, and how many pieces? There is often one person in the warehouse who knows everything by heart. But what if this person is not there one day or your assortment expands considerably? Then it is difficult to keep an overview. How easy it will be when everything can be found digitally. You save time and avoid mistakes. In short, time and energy that can be used for other important activities, such as managing stock locations and optimizing the return process.  

When the product quantity and/or turnover rate grows, so does the likelihood of errors. These errors affect administration, additional costs and even no-sales. To minimize this risk, it is a good idea to keep track of this through a WMS. This prevents errors and ensures a calm and orderly warehouse. 

You can also process the returns in an overview. Thanks to the connection with Returnless, the returns reported by consumers can be viewed, including returns from a marketplace, for example. This allows you to process the returns and immediately put the products back in the right location in the warehouse so they can be sold again quickly. In this way, returns need not be a stumbling block and you avoid unnecessary no-sales. 

The benefits of working with warehouse software
If you get started with WMS, it's a one-time set-up to then enjoy the benefits every day. Listed below are some of the benefits;

Go for insight

When there is an overview in the warehouse, it is very easy to gain insight into the inventory. By linking products to a stock location, an order can easily be picked without collecting the wrong products. This also allows you to process and clear returns faster.  

Everything in one place

Links with various parties ensure that you collect a lot of different information in one place. For example, you have all sales orders from different sales platforms in one place and shipping labels from different shipping providers can easily be generated. Product offerings also come together under the same SKUs. The products you sell on different sales platforms can be linked in a WMS. This allows you to use the same inventory everywhere, which is automatically updated when a change occurs. So you do away with manual operations where you are behind the times. This also eliminates the risk of misplacing stock in the warehouse and therefore less frustration for the pick employees. In addition, you can no longer sell stock you do not have.


Proper order processing

Processing your orders correctly is crucial for optimal inventory control. By setting up the order picking process as easily as possible, you minimize the chance of stock discrepancies. In addition, processing orders correctly is important for proper inventory forecasting. By facilitating the pick process by working with stock locations, you can also automate the pack process. For example, the software can issue notifications based on set rules. Such as that a product should be packed extra well or that an extra product may be added to the order. In addition, the shipping method can also be determined so that the shipping label rolls right out of the printer.


Easy return processing

From an overview, you can view, create and process returns from different sales platforms. There is no need to work with separate tabs or files, you have all the information in one place. For customer service, it is immediately clear when a return has been processed in the warehouse, departments don't have to wait on eachother, which also reduces the processing time of a return for the consumer.


When to choose warehouse software

Do you work with several people in the warehouse or do you do everything on your own? In every organization there is a moment when the Excel statements can no longer be kept up to date. It is never too late to start using warehouse software but try to avoid that moment. 

Do you sell through multiple sales platforms? Then it is wise anyway to get started with warehouse software right away. So that the valuable time does not have to be spent on manually adjusting the stock, but can be used for, for example, optimizing the product range.


Further automate returns processing

Linking your WMS to Returnless software gives you more insight into the returns that have been registered and makes it even easier to keep consumers informed of the status and refunds. 

You also simplify the processing in the warehouse and promote cooperation between different departments such as customer service. A win-win situation for both your consumers and employees. You can do all this by connecting your Returnless account with GoedGepickt's warehouse software.


About GoedGepickt online store warehouse software

With GoedGepickt's warehouse software, we help merchants process orders flawlessly in less time and without frustration because no matter what platform the products are sold on, there will never be a miss.



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