return rules.

The indispensable returns killer.

Avoid unnecessary returns. With Return Rules you automate your return policy. First approve a return? Free returns only under certain conditions? You decide with Return Rules.


"With 32% of the requests, we can help the customer in a different way and there is no need for a return shipment - A great saving!."

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say bye bye to your return dilemma's.

Do you let your customers return for free or paid? When are items allowed to be returned and when not? With Return Rules you automate your return policy. Some examples:

Product damaged? Arrow-totheright Offer free return.
Brand is Apple? Arrow-totheright Return needs to be approved.
Ordervalue > €50,- Arrow-totheright Offer free return.
Purchase value < €15,- and product damaged Arrow-totheright Product does not have to be returned.
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to be returned or not to be returned? 

Automate your policy with our Gate-Keeper.

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Prevent unnecessary returns. It's possible with our Gate-Keeper. Depending on return reasons and follow-up questions you can trigger our Gate-Keeper function.

Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Find the best solution together with your customer thanks to the Gate-Keeper. Especially with (minor) damage or products with a manual.
Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Is a product simply not as expected? Then the Gate-Keeper is often not necessary and the customer can immediately create a return label.
Iconografie | Check-groenblauw   Convert your returns into opportunities and keep your sales. For example, offer another product or discount coupon.

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