Manage and handle returns in your Channable marketplace,
everything in one overview.

Connect your Channable account to Returnless and easily manage returns. With the Channable return extension you have real-time insights into your return data. This way you have the tools at hand to optimize the performance of your assortment.

Channable returns.

All returns in one overview with our Channable returns integration!

By connecting your Channable account to your Returnless return form, we can instantly read all orders. This way we offer a customer-friendly return process for all your marketplaces orders with the branding and service of your online webstore. 


all returns.
one overview.

Whatever marketplace, logistics platform or tools you use.

With our returns platform you can easily implement a return process for your Channable account. Customers enter an order number and email address so that the order can be loaded in real-time from Channable.

By clever use of Return Rules you have the ability to automatically check and pre-approve returns. For example, returns outside the return period of 14 days or damaged products. With Return Rules you have the tools to stop and prevent unnecessary returns.

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integration instructions

Need help? We offer free technical support and help you with implementation.
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Step 1 - Create an API Key.

To connect to your Channable account we need the following information:

  • API Key
  • Company ID
  • Project ID

In Channable, go to the top right of your profile Channable API eand create a new token there. Already have an existing token? Then you can use that too.

Company ID and project ID

You can easily find this out by going to the Channable dashboard and copying the two IDs in the address bar

Step 2 - Forward data.

As soon as you received the data, you can forward the data to your Returnless contact person. We will then ensure you that your webshop is linked to your return form.



Want to see Returnless in action? We love to give you a tour through our platform. Plan a 15-min demo with one of our colleagues and we will show you all in's & out's.

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See for yourself? Sure! You can experience the return process first hand from a consumers point of view. You can request a custom return form in your branding below.