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We automate and simplify the return process for webshops.
You can connect your webshop to Returnless in no time and you can get started right away.

what we do.

The more returns the better? Certainly not. We help you gain more insight and control into your returns process so that you can reduce your returns.

With our return portal you can see at a glance what is returned, when and why. This way your customer service department handles returns faster. And it makes it easier for you to make decisions about your assortment. 

Handle returns
44% faster

Reduce returns costs by 30%

We connect with 20+ integraties.

Prevent returns with return data

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Chris Boer

Head of Product

Marijn Prijs

Head of Operations

Pieter Verstijnen

Head of Finance

Nelis van de Wiel

Head of Sales & Partnerships

Jelle Spekken

Tech Lead

Ruud van Geffen

Tech Support

Maxine Alders

Marketing Lead

Ezra van Hassel


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